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Illustration series

  • Listening to music

    We connected our phone to the speaker and listened to music.
  • Early morning

    We woke up very early. "Look at the sky, it is full of soft colors." "I'm glad to greet this pretty morning with you."
  • So yummy

    Really? Are you sure it doesn't taste weird? It's good! You're a pretty good cook!
  • Let’s sleep

    We spent the entire day falling asleep in each other's arms like this.
  • In the plane

    We looked out the window of the plane. The sea of clouds was getting dyed in fiery colors. "Look over there, there is a whale floating in the sky!...
  • Comfortable silence

    We came out to the terrace. We just sat in silence. Even when we were not talking, we seemed to know what the other person was feeling or thinking.
  • A day when nothing can cheer me up

    A day when nothing can cheer me up.
  • Soaked with rain

    You must've had a hard time running through the rain. "Drink some of this and warm yourself up."
  • In the alleyway

    You stopped and bent close to me as we walked through an alley. My heart was pounding!
  • Hello, hello!

    I saw you waving from outside the window. I stopped what I was doing and fixated my eyes on you.
  • Before dusk

    We quietly put our heads down. "Listen to the small sound our room make."
  • A sleepy afternoon

    "I'm sleepy. I'm going to shut my eyes for a second."