Illustration series

  • For a little while

    I'll be right back. Continue reading.
  • Sweet desserts

    We ate a bunch of sweet desserts. Even when I'm in a bad mood, I get happy after eating sweet desserts with you.
  • Ow, I bit my tongue

    Ouch! I bit my tongue! Don't eat so fast. I'll make more if we eat all this. Take your time!
  • What should I wear?

    What do you think about this black lace dress? I think it'd look amazing on you!
  • Your book

    I read the book you were reading. "I don't know what this is about! What are these symbols?"
  • Starry night

    We chatted under the pretty starlight.
  • Making cookies and bread

    I'll bake the cookies, you prepare the bread dough!
  • Sleep

    I think I'll have a sweet dream if I fall asleep listening to your heartbeat like this.
  • Doing face masks

    We did face masks together. "When can I take this off? It feels weird." "You have to keep it on longer! I'll pamper your face every night!"
  • Date night

    We went out on a date at night.
  • Heart heart dance

    I made a heart and whirled and danced! "I love you! Heart!"
  • Because the weather’s so nice

    Underneath the cherry tree, we spread out a blanket and lay on it. "You are absolutely gorgeous."