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Love is Vol. 1 + Love is Vol. 2 + Coloring Book

Love is Vol. 1 + Love is Vol. 2 + Coloring Book

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Beloved by millions of fans around the world, South Korean artist Puuung presents Love Is In Small Things, a collection of heartwarming illustrations containing one couple's small moments of affection such as sharing a meal, holding hands, or cuddling, that often go unnoticed.

Her artwork has inspired people to appreciate the small moments of love in their lives. Puuung reminds us that love is not just grand gestures but also the small moments that make life beautiful.

  • Puuung's artwork makes your heart warm and puts a smile on your face.
  • This book set will be the perfect gift for your loved one.
  • This book set is written in Korean, with an English translation added at the bottom of each page.

* You can get another edition at a lower shipping cost on Amazon.

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