Why I started the NFT project

Today, I’m going to tell you a long story about my NFT project. I have been thinking carefully about it for the last eight months.

I started illustrating and uploading art in 2014. Thankfully and luckily, many people liked my art, and my art became famous, going viral on various social media platforms in only one year. It's incredible and grateful. Starting in 2018, I began to make animations. Until a few years ago, I thought that animations were made by big companies and could only be seen in theaters or on television. But thankfully, now we are living in a wonderful era. By using digital technology, even one person alone can make an animation, and anyone worldwide can watch it on the internet anywhere.

But for a digital artist like me, the internet has a dark side like every coin has two sides. I found so many unpleasant cases where my illustrations and animations have been shared on the internet without mentioning my name or the source. Also, countless people used my artwork commercially and edited and shared my animations without permission. Measuring the scale of economic damage is impossible. Many fans have been reporting such illegal cases, but there's nothing I can do on my own.

Nonetheless, thanks to my fan’s generous support, I have been able to continue illustrating and animating for around eight years. I have been working hard on illustrations for a long time, but lately, I mainly put a lot of time and effort into making animations.

However, I worry about how long I can work on making animation. I started illustrating because I love it in my heart, and making the animation was an extension of illustration work. Even though it is hard work, I never have stopped because of fans who love my creations. It's been four years since I uploaded animations on Youtube, and subscribers have steadily increased to over 1 million, thanks to my fan’s support. Even so, my channel is actually in a big crisis. The biggest problem is that it takes too much time to make a two-minute-long animation compared to the number of hits on Youtube. Especially when comparing the number of views on illustrations posted on my Instagram to the number of views on YouTube, it frustrates me to work so hard on animating and see these results. To be honest, I often thought that it would be a much smarter choice to focus on illustrating and to stop making animations even though I enjoy working on them.

But one day, I heard about NFT. Unlike Bitcoin, NFT gave me a more positive feeling. I was amazed by the idea of giving the concept of originality to digital works and proving their ownership using blockchain technology. I became hopeful that if my art was sold as original, there would be no need to give up animation production due to financial problems. I know you are worrying that now there are various problems with NFTs, and I agree that we need to be careful. Fortunately, the problem of using too much electricity will be improved.

After studying more about it, I learned about Web3 and DAO. I was impressed by the future they described. Also, I researched representative projects in the NFTs scene such as CryptoPunk, BAYC, Doodles, Azuki, etc. They gave me a lot of inspiration.

In the past few years, As a few characters were added to the animated world where there were only male and female protagonists, I gradually expanded the worldview in my work. And while I was researching these NFT projects having various avatars, it motivated me to add even more characters to the animated world. Now I’m going to tell you what I have planned for my new projects for a brighter future.

First of all, all my illustrations will be sold as Digital Art based on the Ethereum blockchain. If you really like my art, you can own my art. A few months ago, I listed all my illustrations on an NFT trading platform called Opensea. I tried to sell them without promotion, and some fans bought and collected my art in their collection. My digital art was recognized and sold as original art! As an artist who suffered from my work being stolen, I was so impressed. The era of new digital art has just begun.

In addition to it, I am about to begin a new project. I made a collectible collection of unique avatars based on the Ethereum blockchain especially designed for fans who like my art. These avatars are digital collectibles. You can use that as a profile picture on multiple social media when you buy one of them. You can set your avatar as your profile picture on Twitter. Not only Twitter but other services will soon introduce this feature. These avatars are certification marks that you are a genuine fan as well as an ambassador of Puuung World. I would be truly honored to have thousands of PR ambassadors. Also, some avatars can appear as new main or sub-characters in my illustrations and animations in the future. I made the characters with all my heart and soul because they will carry new stories in my work. Please look forward to the various avatars of different characters.

I want to inform you of an important issue with this project. Preparing this NFT project it's also the part that I thought about the most until the end. It was so many benefits and a huge roadmap, as seen in other recent NFT projects. Usually, investors who purchase NFTs consider those benefits and roadmap. I did not plan this NFT project for investors. Prices may go up, but our NFT project has no guaranteed benefits or detailed planned roadmap. If you consider this NFT an investment asset, I don't recommend you buy it.

My ultimate goal is to continue making illustrations and animations that make people happy, as I have done for the past eight years. And hopefully, I'd love to produce a full-length animated feature film and release it in a theater or on over-the-top media services like Netflix. We began a small company as the first step to realizing the dream, and the name of the company will be Puuung Animation Studios. Although there is only one animator, me, I will keep trying to make animations that will brighten your daily lives until we can achieve the dream of releasing a full-length animated feature film.

Please support us and the new projects.
Thank you.