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Love is in small things
Emotional healing game!

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Stress-free emotional healing art game

「Love is in small things」 is a hidden object game that conveys the emotions of a healing art game. Artist 「Puuung」, the most representative star illustrator meets the game. You can collect puzzle pieces to obtain a wallpaper illustration collection and set it as your phone wallpaper.

Meeting hidden objects and coloring

Watch the original work and find hidden pictures. The paint spreads from your fingertips through the color-smearing art effect, completing a beautiful illustration. You can enjoy beautiful hand-drawn illustrations with a total of 30 chapters and 300+ levels. While viewing the artwork, find various hidden pictures such as objects, hearts, numbers, and alphabets. When clearing with three stars, you can obtain one jigsaw puzzle piece required to complete the illustration.

Unplugged Puuung's original music, including piano, classical guitar, etc.

Immerse yourself in a lovely story with animated clips provided for each chapter. You can enjoy a sweet unplugged OST composed of piano and acoustic guitar melodies through the provided music content. Enjoy the game and listen to the beautiful love story of the two main characters.

Game Features

- Simple and easy game play
- New experience of color smearing art effect
- Beautiful animations that warm your heart - Sweet melody with OST
- Zero stress healing game