Wherever we go

“The COVID-19 pandemic is getting longer. People-to-people encounters have decreased and traveling, especially traveling abroad, has become like a dream. Through a new animation project, I would like to show D&M traveling to various countries. Instead of introducing famous tourist attractions grandly, I would like to draw people eating together at small restaurants on the street, walking in a pretty alley that they accidentally discovered, or sitting at a cafe looking at the sunset for a long time. I want to convey the comfort and hope that we will be able to return to our missed daily lives to mentally exhausted people by transferring the daily lives of the past and the small happiness we are not enjoying today.”

Hi, I'm Puuung, an illustrator and animator based in South Korea. I believe love emits light from small things and comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So I work to find little moments in relationships and translate them into illustrations and animations. I hope my works make you think of every little moment that was just like each of these with someone you love so that you will always love each other and be happy like the main characters in my works.

I'm happy when I see comments that people laughed and cried at the same time when they watched my animation. However, I'm not pleased to see words that say couples in a relationship could not travel somewhere to make good memories due to the pandemic, and couples in a long-distance relationship have not even been able to meet for a long time. Then one day, a topic that I wanted to make into a new animation series came to mind. — This is the theme of traveling around the world.

Not long ago, I searched for photos and reviews of travel destinations on the Internet to select places where D&M will visit. I picked 12 cities to make animation series for the year 2022, but there are much more places that I wanted to select, and I thought it would be nice to ask fans to help me make my new animation series: Wherever We Go.

I want to focus on my own work and make more animations that make people laugh and cry at the same time. I hope you will want to get involved with this challenging project. By supporting me, you'll not only help me to raise funds to focus on making more animation, but you'll also get early access to every episode to be released and get exclusive behind-the-scenes material, including sketches and digital paintings. Please consider supporting me if you enjoy watching my animation series!

I am in charge of everything except background music in my animation production. It takes about four weeks to make a three-minute animation by myself. Animation production is mostly funded by the revenue generated from YouTube advertising and the sale of books, art prints, merchandise. But I always have to do something else to raise insufficient funds, which is why I need your support to help me focus on creating my new animation series. If I'm fortunate enough to have more than 1,000 patrons, I'll be able to upload animations for more than three minutes every month stably.

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