Korean Artist Puuung's Illustrations Reveal Sweet Everyday Gestures To Show Your Partner You Care

While the question of whether two people can fall in love by staring into each other's eyes and answering 36 questions has been hotly debated lately, we can agree that the emotional bonding this activity facilitates is a greater component of love than any extravagant gift or luxurious vacation. Korean artist Puuung's poignant illustrations make this point by depicting some other, more common activities couples partake in, the signs of affection they display to show each other they care, and the attitudes that help them cherish every moment with each other. "'Love' is something that everybody can relate to. And 'love' comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives," explains Puuung's Facebook page.

The more we can convey these subtle signs of love and appreciate when our partners convey them, the less strife we will have in our relationships — because we'll remember why the time we spend with them means so much to us. To make the most of this valuable time, here are some activities you and your partner can enjoy, or maybe already enjoy but overlook, inspired by the illustrations on Puuung's Grafolio page.

by Suzannah weiss


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