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Get To Know Korean Illustrator Puuung And Her Artworks That Were Featured In 'W: Two Worlds'

Oh, the simple joys of love!

You have probably seen at least one of these Love Isโ€ฆ illustrations on your Facebook newsfeed in the last few years ever since this artwork series has gone viral on social media. But did you know that the artist behind these lovely drawings is a Korean animator and illustrator from South Korea? She uses the name, Puuung, but her real name is Park Da Mi.

Puuung describes herself as a simple person who gets moved by small things. Experiencing a slump in 2014, she decided to draw one picture a day that made herself happy. Little did she know that her artworks that show love in small things will become her lifelong project.

Puuung's virality was unexpected for her. But for her numerous fans all over the world, Puuung's art touches on the simple joys of life bringing warmth to people's hearts that makes her works relatable to anyone, no matter their race or nationality. She started her illustrations with two charactersโ€”an unnamed man and woman who eventually became known as D & M. Sometimes, their adorable cat, Garfield, gets featured in the artworks as well. Puuung draws them in their day-to-day lives showing snippets of their relationship and centering on the theme of love.

Who wouldn't smile at illustrations of a couple eating ramen while watching TV at night or two people blowing on each other's hands for warmth on a cold winter day? Sometimes, Puuung would draw the couple doing errands together like grocery shopping, giving each other back hugs while cooking or spritzing one another while watering the plants. You can also see them going on special romantic dates like laughing together while taking a stroll along the beach, sipping cold drinks after a long day at the amusement park or gazing at one another on a rooftop date with an amazing view. *sigh*

Of course, there are times where she would also draw the characters alone enjoying simple moments like listening to music and falling asleep while reading or the couple hanging out with friends and having a house party. And every now and then, cute chibi versions of the couple and the cat would pop up.

In 2016, Puuungโ€™s artworks were featured in MBCโ€™s hit Korean drama, W: Two Worlds, starring Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo which made her works even more popular. In the drama, Kang Chul (played by Jong Suk) and Oh Yeon Joo (played by Hyo Joo) opens Puuung's book and reenacts the sweet scenes shown in its pages. Watch the clip and it's guaranteed to make your heart flutter:

Over time, Puuung expanded to creating animations based on her Love Isโ€ฆ illustrations, showing a detailed story of how the main characters met and fell in love. She also created more characters who became interesting additions to the world she made. Running for several episodes with different scenarios, one could tell how much Puuung poured her heart out in creating these animations the same way she did her illustrations. Watching her animated series is a lovely and relaxing treat after a stressful day. Check it out on her YouTube channel here:

She also has special videos uploaded on her Facebook or YouTube accounts like live drawing videos and special K-drama animations where she turns the highlights of a drama to a short video. Watch this Crash Landing On You animation in celebration of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jinโ€™s wedding:

Currently, she showcases illustrations and animations of the lovely couple traveling to different places all over the globeโ€”petting cats in Morocco, walking around the streets of Kyoto, hanging out in Trafalgar Square in London and so much more. When Puuung said that she will create art with the theme of love all her life, she really meant it with a passion.

For her fans who love her work, Puuung released books compiling her illustrations, coloring and other activity books, calendars, posters, digital prints, and other customized merch where you can pick and choose among her released illustrations. She also attends art fairs and conducts book signing events for her avid followers. In the online space, Puuung has a Patreon account fans can subscribe to, stickers you can download and use for your messaging apps, and just recently, she announced the release of her NFTs. Most awaited though are her limited-time commissions where fans can submit their own love story and Puuung will turn that into a special portrait. This gets sold out really quickly and you have to wait for her to open commission slots again. She also posts the illustrations along with the submitted story which is a heartwarming experience proving that love is a universal emotion.

For Filipino fans, a few of Puuung's books are available at Apop Books official Lazada store. If you havenโ€™t given your special someone a Valentineโ€™s Day gift yet, go and add to cart those books now. Itโ€™s still love month anyway!

Once asked why she thinks people like her works, Puuung says she thinks people can empathize with her characters and people can feel like her art shows their own story. She also advises those who have dreams of becoming an illustrator to draw what you like for yourself and not what other people would want you to draw. Puuung is such an inspiring artist whose love for art radiates in her work. Check out a short interview with her here:

Love is often depicted in movies and dramas as something grand consisting of sweep-you-off-your-feet type of moments. But Puuung takes a step back and looks at love with different lenses. It may seem mundane to some but when you look at her art, thereโ€™s something about it that will make you feel that this is the kind of love that actually matters. Maybe a part of the reason why people like her works so much is because she was able to capture the kind of love we all want in our lives. Looking at Puuungโ€™s artworks reminds us that love is truly in the little things after all.

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