15 beautiful illustrations perfectly capture how it feels to be in love

These delightful drawings celebrate all the warm and cozy feelings that come with being in love.

You know the feeling you get when you catch your sweetheart looking at you in a way that lets you know just how much they love you?

It feels nice, doesn’t it? That’s the sentiment Korean artist Puuung wants to capture with her heartwarming “Love is...” series.

Love is a raw, sometimes nonsensical, all-encompassing emotion, and being in a relationship is a beautiful extension of that. These illustrations highlight some of the things we experience but tend not to notice while being part of a couple.

Puuung believes love manifests itself in all sorts of ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives.

Whether it’s a warm look, a simple hug, or a comforting kiss on the forehead, these drawings remind us to notice the everyday, small gestures from our significant others.

Click the slideshow above to see 15 of her delightful drawings that celebrate the small gestures that make being in love so special.

by Alicia Barrón

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