Can’t help falling in love

Can’t help falling in love

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An animation series on Youtube that tells the story of the two main characters who accidentally meet and fall in love, date, and have a deep relationship was published in a book.

- Includes 88 illustrations
- 32 animated episodes on Youtube that can be seen through QR code
- 18 behind episodes on Youtube that can only be seen through a book

- 320 pages, 608 g, 155x180x28 mm
- Written in Korean and English together

Scanning the QR code in the book, which is available at the end of each episode, will give you an animated view of the vivid story of the scene on Youtube. Don’t miss a behind animated episode on Youtube that will only be available to readers who have purchased the book at the end of each episode.

*This item will be shipped from Korea. I recommend you buy some mini art prints, masking tapes, and tin candles that are available for delivery together.