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I miss you (Long Distance Relationship) - Ep 03

Love is in small things Season 3.

The love story of a couple in a long-distance relationship.

I feel love is something that emits light from small things and comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So I work to find hidden meanings of love in these daily lives and translate them into animations and illustrations.

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  • I met him at school, we studyed together at the sam school and then at the same height school, I always look at him because he was so clever known likable and a good football player, but I was just a short girl with a thick eyebrows who was bulled by her colleagues and teachers thought that she was stupid, I grown up and he did, I get a high digree at high school and surprised everyone, and he did so, we loved each other, each matter happened to us after that we get stronger, he do love me, any Body knows, unfortunately he went a broad to study engineering at moroco he had a scholarship, and I had a one too, I am studying medicine at a very good college here, we talk almost everday, I adore his Good morning text, and he adore the pictures I send to him always, we talk in Video calls we always do, it’s the way we live, he love to watch me sleeping at night he calls me Sleeping Beauty and I call him my Dream Knight, I love his afro hair and his glasses and also his dark skin colour, he likes my talk am so short and the way I talk in spontaneity I love waking with him I am just waiting him to come home then marry me so we can spend the rest of our lifes together and get old together go to beachs together and have childrens together ♥️

    H bo

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